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Florida SHOTS Presentation and Discussion Event to be held Sept. 5th

Special Presentation and Discussion with Florida SHOTS interface expert

Office managers, IT staff, and other related medical professionals are invited to an informational meeting where we will learn about the latest data exchange and interface capabilities between Florida SHOTS and many of the electronic health record (EHR) systems being used in our area.
Ms. Diane McLeod has worked with Florida SHOTS for several years as the Technology Field Expert and is familiar with nearly all of the most popular EHRs being used in Florida.

When: 8:30 a.m., September 5, 2014

Where: Clark and Daughtrey Southgate Shopping Center Second Floor Conference Room

Clark & Daughtrey Southgate Campus
2625 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, FL 33803

Please enter the Clark and Daughtrey building located near the Ace Hardware Store, turn to the right once inside the doors and then proceed up the stairs.  The conference room is directly in front of the stair case.
This event is sponsored by the Polk County Immunization Coalition Steering Committee.
Please click the link below to register:


How Meningitis Nearly Killed Me, Then Changed My Life for the Better

With many parents taking their teens for back to school shots, don’t forget to ask your health provider for the meningitis vaccine!

Shot of Prevention

Andy and his roommate visit Gooseberry Falls just days before he falls ill. Andy and his roommate visit Gooseberry Falls during spring break of his senior year of college.  This is one of the last pictures he took prior to contracting meningitis.

By Andy Marso

I occasionally look at pictures of myself on a spring break trip in 2004, about a month before I almost died of a meningococcal infection.

I was a senior at the University of Kansas at the time and I brought my Brazilian roommate home to show him what spring break is like in Minnesota. There are pictures of him, with his shoulders hunched against the cold, and me and another friend in front of a frozen Gooseberry Falls, the ice and snow stubbornly refusing to cede the ground it had held for months just because the calendar had turned to March.

They are the last pictures I have been able to find in which I still have four…

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Ask Before They Play To Keep Chickenpox, Pertussis and Measles Away

Shot of Prevention

Part One: Why Ask at All?


By Dr. Lara Zibners

 “Oh, you know, we never had baby gates, because, you know, of the controversy.”

This was the response I got from a mom at a playgroup after some random conversation about safety. Our house had a flight of stairs just off the living room that was 16 wooden steps ending directly onto a slab of stone. So we had baby gates at either end. The story was likely the one about me installing these gates and then calling the company to find out how to open them. They were that good. Anyway, it made perfect sense to me that small children + long staircase + stone floor = potential significant injury. Until that exact moment, I was unaware there was a “controversy.”

Yet, apparently this other mother had read something about boundaries and teaching children to respect the staircase…

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