About PCIC

Let us tell you about the Mission of the Polk County Immunization Coalition.

What do we promote? The Polk County Immunization Coalition exists to reduce the spread of vaccine preventable disease in Polk County through immunization education, advocacy, promotion, and countywide collaborative partnerships.  Our ultimate goal is to eliminate all vaccine-preventable diseases in our community.

How do we do this? This group of interested community agencies and individuals meet quarterly to plan activities, discus new vaccine products, share information and develop strategies to keep current with Immunization schedules. Our priorities include:
* promoting immunization “Best-Practices” among the medical community,
* educating the citizens of Polk County about the importance of Immunizations, and
* serving as educational resource to all interested community partners.

Who are our members? This group currently includes health care providers, hospital staff, pharmaceutical representatives, child advocacy groups, school representatives, WIC professionals, Healthy Start Coalition representatives, nurses, and non-medical members of the community who are interested in promoting immunizations. Interested individuals are welcomed to attend any meeting.

The Polk County Immunization Coalition meetings often include public speakers who discuss various immunization topics such as vaccine safety and recent changes to vaccine recommendations.


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